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Steven Yam – Sales Director
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Bin Wang – Sales Assistance
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We do not only deliver product but quality, timely delivery and service. We believe in quality and delivery which have to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers and also their customers.

In our production, we have process control which allows us to perfect the product in every production stage. Besides, the process control can also trace back the production processes which enhance our ability to learn and improve continually.

Different businesses may have specific quality requirements. We are able to tailor our quality control processes to meet each customers’need. For totally satisfaction, we work with customers as partner to ensure their customers are happy with our services and the finished products.

All of us are well trained in quality :

1. Raw materials: Suppliers and raw materials are examined in-house and 3rd party testing laboratory to ensure that they are in good quality. We work closely with suppliers to make sure raw material is stable in quality and quantity.

2. Production : In different production stages, we check, record and review. All the front line workers are well trained as quality makers and inspectors.

3. Finished Products: We inspect in a responsible way before final delivery.